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DID YOU KNOW?…. Many insurance companies are either declining coverage for the roof on a home based on the shingle roof being 12-15 years old. OR they are offering an insurance homeowner’s policy that “EXCLUDES” the Roof.

This is creating difficulty as the ROOF INSPECTION says the Roof is Water-Tight (NO LEAKS) but the insurance companies are “REFUSING” to “Renew” policies or “REFUSING” to Write NEW Coverage unless the Home Receives a NEW ROOF.

LOCK IN YOUR CLOSING and DON’T ALLOW YOUR CLOSING TO BE DELAYED – Due to Insurance Companies refusal to WRITE policies on homes with OLD ROOFS.

Wharton Roofing Can Finance the NEW ROOF with multiple OPTIONS … such as (1) NEW ROOF INSTALLATION (Prior to Closing) with payment at closing. (2) NEW ROOF INSTALLATION by Financing the SELLER with NO Collateral – No Lien on Property and as a personal loan with no prepayments penalties and payments made into the future – regardless of closing date. (3) NEW ROOF INSTALLATION by Financing the BUYER with NO Collateral – No Lien on Property and as a personal loan with no prepayment penalties and payments made into the future – regardless of closing date.


Why is this so important to You?

  • Your Listing Shows Better – With the roof being one of the largest exterior structural spaces and exterior components of the home, a new roof increases the “Curb Appeal” of the home.
  • Your Seller is in a better negotiating position, by being “pro-active” and replacing the roof… “Before there is a BUYER” who wants to negotiate the offer “Downward,” based on the condition of the existing “ROOF”.
  • Most Sellers, Do Not Want To “Put Anymore Money” into their home which they are attempting to sell.
  • The reality of the situation is that if the roof is old or needing replacement, an inspection of the home will result in the observation and report, indicating the need for a New Roof. (This can “Delay and Slow Down The Closing).
  • Recently, in an attempt to eliminate and reduce their RISK and Costs,  insurance companies are inspecting newly purchased homes prior to issuance of homeowner insurance policies. If the roof appears older and/or is not in good condition, the insurance companies are denying issuing the new policies until a New Roof can be installed. (Another Delay in Closings).

Why is this so important to your Seller?

  • Your Home Owner can get a New Roof with No Money Down and Low Interest.
  • Your Listed Residence will have a New Quality Installed Roof with Transferable Warranty.
  • Your Listed Residence will NOT get Bogged Down with Roof Inspection finding unforeseen Roof Problems.
  • Your Listed Residence with a NEW ROOF will have “Increased Curb Appeal”.
  • As Soon As the Prospective Buyer drives up to the front of the property, they will see that the SELLER has gone to the expense of Getting the Home Ready for sale.
  • IF the SELLER will go to this expense, psychologically the Prospective Buyer will think that the SELLER has kept other components of the house in good condition.
  • The SELLER will have a NEW ROOF with No Money Down and Low Monthly Payments, with NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY.
  • Interest Rates are LOWER than MOST Credit Cards.
  • The ROOF Financing is NOT tied to the property and therefore does not show in title searches.
  • Once the Home closes, the SELLER can pay off the Roof Financing with

This creates a “WIN-WIN


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Did You Know?

According to the…

National Association of Realtors

2019 Remodeling Impact Study

  • According to NAR, the highest percentage cost recovered from exterior remodeling was ROOFING at 107%.

  • According to the NAR Impact Study… New Roofs rank “HIGHEST APPEAL TO BUYER” 
  • 65% of owners have a “Greater Desire to Be Home” after completing a NEW ROOF Project.
  • 49% have a greater sense of enjoyment when they are home.
  • 75% feel a MAJOR sense of accomplishment when they think of the completed Roofing Project.
  • 39% of REALTORS have suggested Sellers complete a Re-Roofing of their home before “attempting to selling.”
  • 33% of REALTORS said that the completed Re-Roofing project helped them close the sale.

How Can We Do This At Extremely Reasonable Roof Costs?

  • We maintain lower overhead and expenses than the larger roofing companies.
  • We purchase our materials with Volume Discounts and pass the savings to you.
  • We don’t have expensive $10,000 websites. We build our own websites.
  • We don’t have high priced ‘commissioned salespeople’. Our owner is your personal contact. Both estimating, project management and quality control is done by the owner.
  • We work harder to earn your trust and your business.

We Pass the Savings $$$

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$0 Down and Low Monthly Payments

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